Stanislav Babić - Biography

Stanislav Babić was born in 1945 in Zagreb. He graduated from the Economics Faculty in Zagreb. From 1970 till 1989 he worked as the director of the representative bodies for the marketing programmes for the Belgrade, Titograd and Pristina TV in SR Croatia. In 1990 in Vienna-Austria, he formed his own production company 'Vestaco G.M. B. H.', and in 2001 he founded another production company in Zagreb – TELEFILM d.o.o. Besides marketable films he produced documentary films and feature films, like: «The Horseman», «Melon Route», «Metastases» and «Cannibal Vegetarian».


  • 2016 – Ministry of Love, Pavo Marinković, producer
  • 2014 – Room 44, Kristijan Milić, executive producer
  • 2012 - Cannibal Vegetarian, Branko Schmidt, producer
  • 2009 - Metastases, Branko Schmidt, producer
  • 2006 – Melon Route, Branko Schmidt, producer
  • 2004 – Horseman, Branko Ivanda, producer