SIMON TANŠEK - Biography

Born in Trbovlje, in Slovenia in 1973. He has been engaging in expressive photography and exhibits from early childhood. He has received several awards for his photographs.

After completing secondary school in 1993, he took up film and television camera studies at FAMU Prague and received M.A. in 1999. He is a member of Slovene Association of Cinematographers – ZFS.

His major activity is shooting live-action films and commercials. He lives and works in Slovenia and Czech Republic.

Filmography (feature films):

  • Ministry of Love, 2016, Pavo Marinković
  • Girls Don’t Cry, 2015, Matevž Luzar
  • Good to Go, 2012, Matevž Luzar, Best Cinematographer – Slovenian FF
  • Let’s Go Our Own Way 2, 2012, Miha Hočevar
  • Let’s Go Our Own Way, 2010, Miha Hočevar
  • 9:06, 2009, Igor Šterk, Best Cinematographer – Slovenian FF, Kodak Award – Slovenian FF, Best Cinematographer – Lecce FF
  • Love and Other Crimes, 2008, Stefan Arsenijević, Kodak Award – Slovenian FF
  • The Night, 2006, Miha Knific
  • Gravehopping, 2005, Jan Cvitkovič, San Sebastian FF Altadis Award, Pecs FF – Best Cinematographer
  • Tuning, 2005, Igor Šterk
  • Ruins, 2004, Janez Burger, Rotterdam IFF, Best Cinematographer – Slovenian FF
  • Idle Running, 1999, Janez Burger, Karlovy Vary IFF