Olga was born in 1978. She graduated acting on ADU Zagreb and became member of Drama ensemble of Croatian National Theatre (HNK) in Zagreb. From 2013 she is the first actress of HNK. For her theatre work she received 15 prizes and is considered one of the best actresses in the region.

Her film breakthrough came in 2002 with the big part in the acclaimed film “Fine Dead Girls” by Dalibor Matanić. She was awarded with the Golden Arena for the Best Supporting Actress in Pula FF. For the part in the film “I Have To Sleep, My Angel” (2007) she won again the Best Supporting Prize in Pula FF, and then again in 2012 she won the same prized for the festival hit “Halima’s Path” by Arsen Ostojić. For the part in the same film she was proclaimed the Best Actress on Festroia Film Festival in Porto.