Milan Štrljić was born in 1952. He grew up in Split but went to study acting to Belgrade on FDU. In 1978 he made his breakthrough role playing one of the main parts in the acclaimed war film “Occupation in 26 Pictures” by Lordan Zafranović (Cannes Film Festival – Main Competition).

He gained broad popularity playing in lots of TV series and films mostly in Serbia. Some of his films are considered classics of ex-Yugoslav cinema like “Balkan Spy”, “Gluvi barut” , “Savamala”. He was also having main roles in very popular TV series like “Velo misto”, “Nepokoreni grad”, “Bolji život”. He was one of the star actors of ex-Yugoslav cinema.

After the outbreak of war in Croatia, Štrljić returns home to Split where he became the director of Croatian National Theatre. He established himself as one of the most important film and TV actors collaborating with directors like Danis Tanović (“Circus Columbia”, Dalibor Matanić (“Fine Dead Girls”, “Casher Wants To Go The Seaside”), Snježana Tribuson, Dražen Žarković, Pavo Marinković (“Tressete – a Story of an Island”, “Love Life of a Gentle Coward”)

He played in more than 60 films and made more than 100 parts in theatre and TV.