Croatian composer, producer & DJ, born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1965, graduated Law at Zagreb University. In mid '80-es he was prominent bass player and song writer in Post Punk bands on Zagreb's music scene. In 1990. he switch to electronic music, DJ-ing & soundtrack composing. He' s co-founder of Montažstroj performing unit, author of more than thirty theatre and film soundtracks – his albums Futura, Mediterran and Lado Electro were declared the peak of Croatian electronic ethno music. He's a winner of two „Porin“ awards major Croatian discographic awards in category of theatre, film and television music, two „Black Cat“ awards for best electronic music performer and several national and international awards for theatre and film music, including „Gold medal for excellence“ at Park City Film Music Festival held in Utah 2008.

Film soundtracks, longfeature:

  • Tressette – a Story of an Island (2006) D. Žarković, P. Marinković
  • True Miracle (2007) L. Nola,
  • Love life of a Gentle coward (2009) P. Marinković
  • Occupation, the 27th Picture (2013) P. Marinković
  • Ministry of Love (2016) P.Marinković