DRAŽEN KÜHN - Biography

Dražen Kühn was born in 1965. In 1991 he graduated acting on ADU Zagreb and became the member of ensemble of Gavella Drama Theatre. He gained popularity playing the Croatian president Franjo Tudjman in the political cabaret show.

He is best known for his successful collaboration with film director Vinko Brešan. He played leading roles in his acclaimed films “Marshall Tito’s Spirit” 2000 (Berlinale, Karlovy Vary – Best Director), “Witnesses” 2003 (Berlinale Competition 2 Awards, IFF Karlovy Vary, 3 Golden Arenas in Pula FF ,“The Priest’s Children” 2013. (European Film Award Nominee for the Best Comedy, IFF Karlovy Vary). He was the cast member of successful co-production film “The Storm” in 2009 by Hans-Christian Schmid (Berlinale – Main Competition, 4 Awards).

Dražen Kühn has played in more than 30 films, lots of TV series. Ranked #20 in Croatian-based monthly film magazine "Hollywood" in «Best Croatian Male Movie Stars of All Time» list.