The wrong man. The wrong job. The wrong time.


A comedy all about romance and red tape.

Krešo, a hapless biologist-turned-bureaucrat, lands the least desirable government job in Croatia: spying on war widows in order to cut off their pensions should they find new partners.

But what his bosses, including his father-in-law, don’t know is that he just may be romance’s unlikeliest champion. 

 Ministry Of Love is a quirky, blisteringly funny road trip through the twists and turns of finding one’s true passion in the unlikeliest of places.


" ...The war brought loss, grief and loneliness. Our married but lonely anti-hero earns his living by investigating women who refused to wallow in loneliness and found new happiness with their new live-in partners. It is a neat paradox ..."
"....we want to explore the dilemma faced by our hero – how to be good, in an imperfect world? This is complemented by the dilemma faced by the widows – how to survive, and even thrive, in the postwar world?"